Our team’s goal is to make an impact on people’s lives. For those who seek a healthier lifestyle, those who wish to become more active and feel better, and those who fear memory loss thru deteriorating cognitive disorders.


We have the experience, education, dedication and determination to make a difference in people’s lives. Together, as a team, we can conquer your challenges, erase your limiting beliefs and realize a better you. We will motivate you to move, hold you accountable to your goals, and cheer you on to your success.


With our small group training, you will receive the support and encouragement, not only from our team, but from your peers, as well. Some days you may bring energy to the group, some days you may need the energy the group offers. The point is we will climb that hill together to reach the top. As there is strength in numbers, there is success in numbers.


2019 brought the launch of TEP, 3 Element Program, bringing science based technology to the fitness world. What you can do for the quality of your physical being, you can now bring to cognition. Making your body physically fit is to make the brain fit. Together we will make your brain great again!


What does California Bodies do better than anyone else? We are an intimate, clean and secure fitness facility. There are no tv’s or treadmills to deter you from your goals. We don’t have contracts or unnecessary initiation fees. We are focused on your success providing the tools and techniques to get you there. 


Our training doesn’t  stop when you walk out the doors. You have 24/7 access with answers to your questions, as well as YouTube video instructions and inspirations to take on the road. We create excitement and fun in your workouts, offering the new EPOC, “Keep on Burning” for that metabolic boost throughout the day through TRX Foundations, FIT and Strong; Body Shred; Boot Camp; Mat Pilates, Mind/Body connection; and the exhilarating Zumba, as well as private and partner training.