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Gym Rules:

  • The #1 rule is consideration of the other people present in the Gym.

  • Everyone who uses the equipment must sign-in.

  • Your dues must be paid to have access to the facility.

  • All guests must be approved in advance.

  • No equipment may leave the facility at any time.

  • Please put all Dumbbells and Kettle bells back in place when you're finished.

  • Wipe down and clean equipment after use.

  • Do not drop or bang free weights or machine weights.

  • Free Weights, Dumbbells, Kettle Bells I TRX Straps may not leave the facility.

  • No chalk allowed in the facility

  • Do not stand on exercise benches or on machine seats.

  • Do not place free weights on upholstery.

  • You may not bring personal exercise equipment into the facility.

  • Do not move the equipment.

  • Eating, smoking, horseplay, or foul language is not permitted in the facility.

  • No children under the age of 18 are allowed in the facility without prior approval.

  • You must receive operational instruction for the equipment before usage.

  • Have fun, be safe, and treat others as you would have them treat you.

**Note that a violation of these rules may result in a $25 fine charged to your account without notice.