Our next challenge is here! In honor of Veterans Day on November 11th, we're looking to our own U.S. Navy for inspiration!

Every year, those serving in America's Navy are tested on their physical readiness. This test is called the Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT). It consists of the following exercises:

  • Push-ups: As many as possible in 1 minute

  • Plank: Hold in position for as long as possible

  • Run 1.5 miles or Row 2500 meters for time

We now invite you to get Full Body Fit! From now until Veterans Day, November 11th, build a team of 3 and we will work with you and your team to achieve new levels of total-body fitness! Don't have a team of 3? No worries. We'll find the right fit for you.

Initial testing will be held at California Bodies on October 9th and 10th. From there, we will provide you tips and techniques to improve your score. If you would like to work with a trainer as an individual or as a team, please let us know and we will pair you with any of our best-in-class trainers. Then from November 9th to the 11th, we will again conduct a full Navy PRT to determine the most improved team! 

The cost to join is just $20. This money will then be placed in a pot and the most improved team of 3 will receive the full pot of cash! 

If you elect to row instead of run, California Bodies will make available multiple water rowers for training so that you can train as a team.

To sign up, just click the button below! We will follow up with each of you individually to schedule your initial assessment. Let's get moving!