Can you exercise your way to Brain Health?

Exercise increases your body's production of BDNF or Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor, miracle growth for the brain. It elevates neurotransmitters, creates new blood vessels and creates neurogenesis, which is the growth of new cells. It is important for long term memories.

Participating in aerobic exercise at 70-80% targeted heart rate and strength training four times per week to increase blood flow, oxygen, and DNA repair is vital. Exercise reduces insulin resistance, increases the size of the hippocampus, improves vascular functions, reduces stress, improves mood and increases the survival of newborn neurons.

Interestingly, combining aerobic exercise and a complex activity, such as Ballet or Pilates, has different yet both beneficial effect on the brain. By adding in the complex activity, you then strengthen and expand the the new neuronal networks, according to Dr. John J. Ratey, author of the book "SPARK, the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain."The more complex the movement, the more complex the synaptic connection.

Precision of the movement occur thru linking the cerebellum, the basal ganglia and the Pre Frontal Cortex. Repetition builds thicker myelin around the nerve fibers, which improves quality and speed of the signals.

Your brain, also, benefits by creating a social connection. Research has shown that social support has been very important for overall brain health.

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