Our Full Equipment program is for those that have access to a full gym. It consists of machines, free-weights and more.

This program contains five days of workouts, two with a lower body emphasis, two with an upper body emphasis, and one full body circuit day. Each exercise is linked to our YouTube Exercise Video Library showing you exactly what to do along with modifications based on ability or injury. 

We offer Three Tiers of coaching with this program:

  • Tier 1: Full program delivered to your inbox every Sunday night with access to the video library. Just $50/Month

  • Tier 2: Benefits of Tier 1 along with bi-weekly accountability and goal setting sessions with a qualified personal trainer. Just $75/Month

  • Tier 3: Benefits of Tier 2 along with nutritional counseling and plan. Just $100/Month

To sign up, just fill the form out below and indicate which Tier you would like. If you are not currently a member of California Bodies and we do not have your credit card information on file, we will contact you separately to finalize payment.